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- Staking Cards

You can stake up to ten cards at a time on the My Cards → Owned page. The cards staked to the bonus pool can be viewed on the My Cards → Staking page.
Cancel Staking
You can cancel staking on the My Cards → staking page, selecting up to ten cards at a time. The canceled cards can be traded.

Bonus Description

Users can earn bonus rewards (USDT) by staking NFT cards in the bonus pool.
Staking Period:
Users can stake their cards to the bonus pool during the staking period and wait for the bonus period to arrive to receive the bonus.
Bonus Period:
The staking and release of cards are frozen during the bonus period, and only bonus payments can be received.
Any rewards not claimed by users in the current period will be automatically transferred to the next bonus pool and will not be retained for users. Please make sure to claim your rewards within the claimable time period.