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SUniverse is an innovative NFT system introduced by SyneSwap. Unlike traditional NFTs that only have collector and game values, SUniverse deeply integrates SyneSwap's trading and dividend mechanisms, allowing SUniverse NFT holders to participate in a fixed dividend pool of SyneSwap trading fees to earn rewards.
Scoring Criteria SUniverse NFT card content is based on the current observable celestial universe and is divided into seven levels, with the total number of cards and the corresponding weights for each level as follows:
Suniverse has a total of 20,000 mystery boxes, each of which can be opened at random to reveal a different card.
How can I get a mystery box?
  1. 1.
    Community members who participate in the activity of submitting bugs or giving us suggestions during the SyneSwap internal beta will receive the mystery box;
  2. 2.
    All participants who take part in the SyneSwap internal beta bonus activities (joining the Telegraph group, following the tweets, participating in liquidity mining) will receive the mystery box.